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Have Your Party At Your Home Or At The Studio: Call Today 843-216-6393

Myrtle Beaches Original And Most Requested Exotic Dance Lesson For Ladies Parties Since 2006:          This class introduces the ladies to the exotic art of strip tease. Your party will learn over 28 striptease techniques. This class is about how to dance sexy for your man. Your party will learn: The stage call (how to take it off, don't worry there is no nudity), a chair (lap) dance, the wild slide, a sexy floor routine and how to do body shots. Plus over 12 pole dance moves: Basic Level 101 and 201:  The sexy walk, pole slides, pole overs, fold overs, basic turns, and basic spins.You will learn how to set the mood for your striptease and apply "tricks of the trade" that only strippers know. Learn fun ways to get your man to role play with you. These are VIP moves that men pay hundreds of dollars for at gentlemen clubs. Your striptease instructor was trained by a national striptease artist who danced at some of the highest paid strip clubs in New York and in Florida. The ladies have a blast learning these techniques. An unforgettable dance routine. (women only and no nudity)
Dance Lesson time runs approximately 1 hour 30 minutes.
Cost is per person:
6 to 8 ladies $35.  9 to 11 ladies $30. 12 to 14 ladies $25. 15+ unlimited ladies $20. each.
5 or less in your party: We do the parties for 5 or less ladies please call for special rates.

On-Location Parties:
This class has been taught at dozens of resorts and beach homes throughout Myrtle Beach!
Three Professional Poles, Lap Dance Chairs, Block Rocker Amp and Hip Hop/R&B Playlist are brought to on-location parties.

Or have your party at the Pole Dance Studio in Myrtle Beach. Studio Fees Apply:
Your party can bring drinks and decorations. Please call 843-216-6393 for studio fees.

Teazers Pole Dance Studio has 9 stage poles. Just of Highway 17 10 min. from the beach.