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Private Pole Party at the studio or at your location: Call Today 843-216-6393

Myrtle Beaches Most Requested Dance Lesson For Ladies Parties Since 2007.          No Dance Experience Needed.                                                                                            This is a chair, floor and pole dancing class with over 25 striptease techniques. This class is about how to do a striptease performance for your man. Your party will learn: The stage call (how to take it off, don't worry there is no nudity), a chair dance, a sexy floor routine and how to do strip club style tube shots. Learn how to set the mood for your striptease and apply "tricks of the trade" that only strippers know. Learn fun sexy ways to get your man to role play with you.
Pole Dancing: Plus your party will learn over 12 pole dance moves: Basic Level 101 and 201:  The sexy walk, pole slides, pole overs, floor routine, basic turns and basic spins.
The Playlist: Your party will learn all the sexy moves to the latest and classic hot hip hop/R&B music.                                                                                                                      An unforgettable dance routine. (women only, no nudity)                                                Cost is per person: 5 ladies $40. each,  6 to 8 ladies $35. each,  9 to 11 ladies $30. each,  12 to 14 ladies $25. each.There is a $200. minimum for parties at the dance studio.
On-Location Parties: Private Parties at your resort, beach house or home.throughout Myrtle Beach! Three Professional Poles, Lap Dance Chairs, Amp and Hip Hop/R&B Playlist  brought to location.              Call us and book your party today! 843-216-6393 

Wicked Pole Fitness: 640 Highway !7 N.  Also known as Kings Highway South Myrtle Beach 15 minutes from Broadway.                                                                                                                   Easy to get to and parking in front of door.Two restrooms and one dressing room for convenience.

The most requested dance for ladies parties! Teaching Striptease classes for parties since 2008!!  Book your party today!  Call us with any questions about the Studio 843-216-6393